Greeting from the wild

hello world, you are in the home page of SwaraOwa, a group of dedicated young people working for and to conserve Javan Silvery gibbon (Hylobates moloch) in Central Java, and Mentawai Gibbon ( Hylobates klossii) in Mentawai island, Indonesia

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One thought on “Greeting from the wild

  1. Hi,
    I got a priviledge to hear your talk on 24th Feb at Singapore Botanical garden. Im Van Wangye, the scientific illustrator that personal know Andie Ang, Iris and Sabrina.
    I also know Ilham Kurnia; the macaque researcher in Indonesia. As i saw him during my exhibition at 2017 ATBC at Xishuangbanna.

    I visited your instagram and love the photos.
    Heres my instagram: @vanwangye
    My website is above.
    Lets keep in contact and who knows i may able to contribute some stuff on Primate conservation in Indonesia in near future!?

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