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Primata Jawa
Primata jawa


Primata Kepulauan Mentawai

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if you want to get original size of these poster guide please feel free to email us : gibbontalk at swaraowa dot org

Mentawai Primate Field Guide Book ” Primata Kepulauan Mentawai”, available for online purchase through this link.

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  1. Hello

    I would like to introduce myself, Sylvain Beauséjour, graphic designer, naturalist, author of the Native Orchids of Quebec / Labrador. I am also passionate about primates all over the world.

    I just finished an E-book on the 187 Asian primates. This book brings together all the best photos of more than a hundred photographers, professional naturalists and amateurs, primatologists and protection organizations such as Wildlife into Risk, Dr. Pengfei Fan, Ph.D. Jessica Briant, PhD, Nadika Hapuarachchi (Sri Lanka) Dr. Anindya Sinha, Dr. Wendy M. Erb, Dr. Klaus Rudloff, Dr. Nguyen Vu Khoi, Dr. Myron Shekelle, Stephan Merker, and many other primatologists. The purpose of this book is to provide photographic references to better know and distinguish primates, especially to raise awareness about their possible extinction and the importance of preserving their environment.

    A complete page is given for each species and ssp. with a montage of photos representing many facets of primates: a close-up of the face, a male, a female, a young and their habitat, their conservation status, their country of origin, some references and the address of each photographer or organization website. All photographs and animal rights organizations have their logo prominently, with their web link directing them to their website, like: (

    I have seen on the poster of SwaraOwa website, you have photographed the very rare Presbytis potenziani , if you give me permission to use these photos for complete this species. I have photos of Presbytis potenziani ssp. siberu in abundance, but not P. p. ssp potenziani. This is an excellent opportunity to show your site and this species.

    I would pay each photographer as he deserves, but the book would cost an exorbitant price. The credits against are highlighted and I will send an E-book as each participant to thank you, most likely this year’s Christmas

    I hope this project will fascinate you and I hope you will participate. If you want more information, I will be happy to inform you.
    Best regard!

    Write me to

    Sylvain Beauséjour

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